Why Music Is The Best Therapy

Ed. note: Today we are pleased to present a guest post from Kimberly Sena Moore, MM, NMT-F, MT-BC. Kimberly is a board-certified music therapist and neurologic music therapist in private practice. She works with children, teenagers, and adults, using music and rhythm to improve their quality of life. Click on her name above for a full […]


Isiah Thomas regrets it, Laimbeer does not: Pistons refusal to shake hands sparks 30-year-old controversy

In today’s NBA, the vibe is different. There is a “we’re all in a fraternity” feel among players, many of whom have known each other since AAU and other high school events. Guys don’t make plays that could injure another player, and after the game everybody shakes hands and moves on. The Bad Boy Pistons […]


How to get the most out of health apps

It’s no secret that apps can turn your phone into a valuable tool for health and fitness. But with hundreds of thousands available, finding a good one can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Choosing an app does need to involve more than clicking and downloading, experts say. But you can take steps to […]


The stock market is acting like a rapid recovery is a slam dunk. It’s not

Wall Street has experienced a breathtaking rebound from the coronavirus crisis lows — one that reflects a belief among investors that the US economy will enjoy a swift recovery from this historic collapse. The S&P 500 spiked a stunning 27% between March 23 and Tuesday. It was the biggest 15-day rally in 87 years, according […]


OnePlus lays off employees in Europe less than two weeks after OnePlus 8 launch

OnePlus launched its latest flagship phones, the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, less than two weeks ago, but the Chinese phone maker is now laying off employees in regional offices throughout Europe, as first reported by Engadget. The layoffs do not appear to be coronavirus-related, and in a blog post Saturday, Tuomas Lampen, head […]


Police respond to shooting in downtown Burlington; no injuries reported

One person is in custody following a shooting in downtown Burlington Wednesday. Officers with the Burlington Police Department responded to a Champlain Farms location on the corner of Main Street and South Winooski Avenue around 4 p.m. Police told NBC5 News one person fired shots inside the building before moving outside, where the firing continued. […]


Clascoterone cream safe, effective for acne treatment

Clascoterone cream, 1 percent, appears to be safe and effective for the treatment of acne, according to a study published online April 22 in JAMA Dermatology. Adelaide Hebert, M.D., from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and colleagues assessed the safety and efficacy of clascoterone cream, 1 percent, a novel topical androgen […]


Global stocks and US futures surge as investors look beyond dire GDP report from China

Global stocks and US futures rocketed higher on Friday despite data showing an unprecedented economic slowdown in China caused by the coronavirus and a mounting death toll from the pandemic in the United States. Investors were focusing instead on signs that industrial giants are reviving production, along with a report of early success in the […]


Amazon to impose new unpaid leave restrictions for warehouse workers starting May 1st

Amazon is changing its unpaid leave policies starting next month, according to a report from Bloomberg. On May 1st, hourly employees — a vast majority of which are among the company’s 250,000 or so warehouse workers who cannot work from home — must request an unpaid leave of absence to continue staying home if they […]